Sunday, 10 May 2009


What a month and a bit it's been!

Busy on several projects, very exciting, very motivating, affirming, hopeful...Who was it that said, "I can deal with the despair; it's the hope that's killing me"?

I've had so many ups and downs that I've learned not to get too excited on the ups, but...

FINGERS CROSSED AND NIPPLES CLAMPED! that just me? You all do the nipple clamp thingy too, right?

And, in other news, we have bunnies. Yes, Mrs P's free-range rabbit evidently responded well to the visit from her lop-eared lover. We don't know how many she had, or how many survived, but one little bunny was seen at tea-time today, hopping along from one corner of the garden and disappearing under the compost-heap. I suppose we will have to tame it and bring it to the vets and find out if there are any bunny siblings.

Exciting times, my Spherical friends.