Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Day!

To Whom It May Concern,

I regret to inform you that the the only roads in or out of town are closed. That means I...CAN'T GET TO WORK!!! Even if I could get there, the school's officially closed for the day.

I have done the right thing, and left a message, offering my services to the nearest school, just on the off chance it's open. There may be a grit shortage in this area, but it's not a shortage of true grit, I assure you.

However, in the absence of my phone ringing... I'm not sure how to put this. What about...WOO HOO!!


Andy Phillips said...


We drove up to Dartmoor today, deliberately seeking out icy, snowy places for no good reason. How silly is that?

Had a blast, and luckily, didn't get stuck. But I later heard, lots of people did.

Paula Light said...

It's going down in the 30s here tonight -- maybe it will snow a flake or two and I won't have to go to work tomorrow!!