Saturday, 14 March 2009

Copies, nibbles and drinks

The reading is all set for this Tuesday. The theatre group even advertised it in the local paper, so there might possibly be a small audience turning up. I woke in sweat early Friday morning, when I thought I'd remembered a conflicting meeting at work - me giving a presentation to parents. But it's the following Tuesday.

I'm going to bring along 10 copies of the script. There are six characters; I think the spares might be welcome for anyone who wants to follow along. It's a lot of paper, but I figure I'll probably only tinker with it, so most of it will used for eventual cast copies anyway.

What should I provide, in the way of nibbles and drinks? I heard that salty food makes people happy, so maybe I'll go with crisps and peanuts. But that doesn't really go with tea and coffee. Hm. Biscuits?


Helen Smith said...

Can't go wrong with biscuits.

potdoll said...

ooh, exciting. looking forward to hearing about the night.

yeah, jaffa cakes. not my favourite but i'm yet to meet someone who doesn't love them.

Andy Phillips said...

Thanks. Biscuits it is.

Wish I had some idea how many to expect. Hoping for 10-15. Fewer will show a disappointing lack of interest. More could be a bit overwhelming.