Sunday, 8 March 2009


One thing I can blog a bit about is staging my one act play. I've got the performance dates (July 30th, 30st and Aug. 1st) and the date for the initial read-through, and the theatre booked for 12 rehearsals. That's pretty cool. My first production is going to be a reality this summer! Writer-director, ME!

Okay, it's am-dram, so doesn't really count in some quarters. That doesn't bother me at this point in my career. The audience is real. They really pay for their tickets, and will really want to be entertained. I look forward to finding a dark place to sit and watch, not the play so much as the audience's reaction. If they're entertained, I'll know. If they're bored, I'll know. That's the point of the exercise: entertain an audience with 30 minutes of my words, through the medium of amateur, but hopefully passionate and committed actors.

Another thing to blog: I'm waiting to hear back on a submission I made to the Exeter Pheonix, along with a friend of mine. If successful, we'll get a budget of a few hundred pounds, use of cameras and other kit, as well as advice, mentoring and post-production facilities. This is for a short film script set here in Teignmouth, on the river to be precise. So, fingers crossed on that.

Tomorrow night, I'll have the first tutorial on my TV episode for the MA at Bournemouth. Looking forward to that, as once again, I have a really good tutor. I'm happy with the outline I've submitted and look forward to writing the treatment.

Also have a couple of spec projects on the go, new-writing-wise, but really can't blog about them.

Is that better?

PS: Caught a typo: "entertainted." What was my subconscious do there? I wonder.


Near by said...

much better!

Well done.

you can't blog about not blogging mate...

Andy Phillips said...

I'm trying to keep it alive without having to do anything.

Heather said...

That's great news about the play! Congratulations! Lots of exclamation points for this! and for you!

Andy Phillips said...

Thanks, Heather. It's going to be interesting, to say the least.